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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  May 7, 2010 7:00pm-7:29pm EDT

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wasn't done right. here you are, earlier this week, let's listen and watch. >> this is another case where this administration, we are responding after something is attempted. we saw it with the christmas day airplane bomber. we saw it in times square. we were lucky in both cases. and then we saw it in ft. hood where we were not lucky, and 13 of our great young heroes put their lives on the line to defend this, were murdered. and i think this administration just has got to change its approach. >> so, governor, the obama administration, the new york police department, nobody deserves any credit for catching the bad guy -- >> oh, sure. >> -- within 53 hours of the crime? >> chris, absolutely. they deserve a lot of credit. the citizens, the street vendors, the nypd, the ny fire department and the obama administration for catching them so quickly. i give them kudos for that. but the point is that we're talking about the response. and what government needs to do more of is prevent these
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terrorists from getting so close in the first place. and we've just seen time and again as we did as i mentioned in that clip with the christmas day bomber -- he was on the no-fly list. for some reason it wasn't appropriately enforced. he got on the plane. and by the way, when finally because a citizen stopped him, we gave him miranda warnings, and told him he has the right to remain silent. when this is not a citizen. it's clearly a terrorist trying to kill innocent american civilians. and we don't know what intelligence we may have been able to garner from him, that because of this administration's policy, and that instance, we did not get. >> i mean, you're going after this guy on every point. you're playing a full-court press here, you're nailing him for not nailing the guy from nigeria? who on god's earth knew that the guy coming from nigeria was the president's fault? now you want to get the guy when he rents the car? >> wait one second, chris. do you think that noncitizen terrorists like the christmas day bomber should be read their miranda warnings and told they
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have the right to remain silent? is that an unfair criticism? because i don't think they should. >> i know it's a fair criticism. if you agree with me, but this is america, after all. >> chris, let me ask you another one. to this day, the administration is stonewalling senator lieberman and his desire to find out what we knew about the ft. hood shooter before the tragedy occurred. and they won't give him the information. is that correct? >> i get the message here, let's look at rush limbaugh, because he's tougher than you are. just in the last ten days we're hearing the heat from the right. your crowd won't give president obama a break. let's listen. he catches the bad guy, no good. let's watch. >> of course, who is dividing america? it's obama. he looks at people of color, as the genuine owners of the world's wealth who have been shut out of it. guess what? faisal shahzad is a registered democrat. i wonder if his suv had an obama sticker on it? this is an administration that
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is not of this country. obama knows who his real enemies are. and there are many more of them in arizona than there are apparently in iran. my friends, this regime in its day-to-day actions, is far more nazi-like than any identification law. >> you know, governor, i've always respected you as a sort of a common-sense guy. somewhere in the middle. somewhere toward the right, depending on what's going on. and yet, i can't find any republican, center, center right or right, who will take on this guy, limbaugh. this tub of whatever. he says this guy's dividing america. he says that blacks are out there to take back what they rightfully own in this country and he's on their side. he says this bomber, that we've been talking about the last five minutes, is a registered democrat. he says that the president is not of this country. he says he's got enemies all over the country and he's nazi like. will you distinguish yourself on at least one of these points from limbaugh? >> of course, of course, chris.
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>> because you'll be the first republican on this show to say you don't agree -- where are you not a dittohead here? >> i do not think this regime in any way resembles naziism. >> it's a regime? >> this government. >> okay. sorry -- i don't always use the right words. okay. this administration does not in my mind resemble in any way a nazi government. this administration has put in policies i fundamentally disagree with, but that's part of the democratic system. >> do you believe that faisal shahzad is a registered democrat? where does your side get this nonsense? he's not! >> chris, i don't know. he's a citizen. and whether or not he is as a matter of public record. >> he's not. >> to me, it doesn't matter. he's clearly a captured terrorist and should be treated as much. >> right. does it matter that you've got someone on your side of the political world that is out there accusing the bomber of
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being a democrat? like he's on assignment from the democratic central committee? this kind of talk is so alien to america. >> all you have to do is watch some of your colleagues on msnbc and you see the same type of talk from the other side. it's political rhetoric by people in the media. when it comes from people in public office, i think it is reprehensible and you should try to have an intelligent dialogue. and i do. i fundamentally disagree with this president's policies on terrorism from telling terrorists they can remain silent after they've almost committed an act. to trying khalid shaikh mohammed in lower manhattan civilian court. i think that's a really dumb decision. >> let's take your lead. let's two to leaders of your party. you're still a republican. you're a registered republican, sir. you may still have a political future with your party against power back. let's watch your party by your rules, here's elected republican leaders of your party. mike pence, john boehner, michael steele, here they go, let's watch them in action. >> the american people deserve
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to know why the administration was slow to respond and why the necessary equipment was not immediately available. in the region. >> yes, we've been lucky. but luck is not an effective strategy for fighting the terrorist threats. >> jobs are not being created in this economy. the way they should. there are a lot of people have given up on the one thing that this administration has been selling from the very beginning, and that's hope. >> well, your crowd won't give him a break. he created almost 3 h,000 -- the american economy did, let's get that straight -- created almost 300,000 new jobs. the highest production of jobs in four years. in addition to the census jobs. >> chris, chris, unemployment today went up to 9.9%. when the stimulus was under consideration, the president said, pass it and unemployment will not go above 8%, he has borrowed trillions of dollars at a time and raised taxes on the private sector, particularly small businesses, and where does job growth come from? it comes from small businesses.
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and, yes, we had job creation. but we also had higher unemployment. the job -- we are in the midst of what i hope is a solid economic recovery. but we're not seeing jobs. and it's because jobs don't come from government spending and raising taxes. they come from small businesses and private-sector investment and risk-taking. >> right. you know, this president came in inheriting an economic storm. he came in facing what could have been a second depression. he used keynesian economics to address it. he used strong steps to address it. you disagree with those strong steps, do you? >> yes. >> which ones were bad? >> the stimulus. the $787 billion of government spending, many on programs which simply increased government cost instead of incentivizing the private sector. focusing on a health care bill that the american people didn't want. including almost $1 trillion in higher taxes as part of the health care bill and penalties on employers, instead of focusing on jobs.
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having a budget this year, with a $1.6 trillion projected deficit. not counting health care, not counting things like freddie mae and fannie mac. at a time when we're looking at a global economic risk because of the massive amount of debt that government has put in place. yes, he had a mess when he took office. but i don't think the focus on jobs, the focus on incentivizing small businesses has been there at all. in fact it's been the opposite. >> you know, he came in in february, basically of last year. he came in the 20th of january, he got into office, he probably didn't even move into the office until late january. it's now we're getting the april job reports of a year or so later. you're giving him a whole lot of time here, aren't you, about a year, to turn around what is the worst case of any politician who has ever come into office. he came in facing t.a.r.p., which was already there. bailouts to the banks, which was already there. efforts by paulson -- it was
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all, all the worst stuff you guys hate was basically all going on. and then you say he hasn't been fast enough of cleaning up the crap pile that he inherited. i think you're being pretty tough on this guy. i just think so. i think your whole party blaming him from right to left. i mean, boehner says it was his fault that there's some kind of an oil spill. even though we're going to get into it in the show tonight. the failure to regulate the pipeline industry. the failure to regulate offshore drilling with any kind of adequacy, was not his fault. was it? >> chris, what you're basically saying is that when you have a fundamental disagreement with the policies of this administration, and feel that they have not helped to create jobs and get the economy growing, that somehow it's unfair political criticism. i don't think so. i don't think there are a whole lot of people who think that imposing a trillion dollars of new taxes for a health care bill at a time when we desperately need job creation, is the right thing to do. i don't think there are a whole lot of people who, who in retrospect, and i at the time think that $787 billion in
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so-called stimulus spending is the right way to create jobs. it hasn't. yes, the president inherited a mess. i do believe, and i'm trying to be sincere and not political here, that his policies have compounded the problem and not been in any way helpful toward solving the problem. >> well the other point of view, of course governor, is that for a century we've waited for health care ever since the days of teddy roosevelt when he first promised it. and nobody did anything about the $30 million to 40 million people who kept growing, who didn't get health care in this country. and this president has tried to deliver it. nobody else was trying to deliver it. whatever you say about this president, he inherited all the trouble and the failure to act on that american agenda, which was health care. now how he did it is the subject of political debate. but it seems to me i'm getting from the right here day after day after day, from boehner, from the rest of them, from eric cantor, from all of them, mike pence, negative, negative, negative. it's like your side is rooting for him to fail. >> no, chris, you know, we're
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americans and we want our country to succeed. and the president, whether we agree with his policies or not, is our president, all of us. and we want him to succeed. but we think we can help him to succeed, by criticizing his policies when they are wrong. and supporting them when we believe they are are right. >> okay. just to get a couple of things straight. i think you've made history tonight to your favor. a good friday night for your own sake here, governor. i've always liked you. you've said that rush limbaugh is wrong. that barack obama is not a nazi, right? he's not a nazi, we agree? >> he is not a nazi. yes. >> and this administration was duly elected, it's not a regime. >> correct. >> no, it's amazing, because you're not a dittohead. you know how hard it is to find a republican that's not a dittohead? i can't find a republican member of the congress -- by the way, if there are any out there, please call "hardball" on msnbc and let us know you're a republican elected official in office and are willing to take on the large man on radio. anyway, governor, you did it tonight, i award you the "hardball" award tonight, you're not a dittohead.
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thank you, sir, george pataki. that's an honor on this show, at least. you'll take some heat from rush bo on monday. coming up, republican purge was surging. first arlen specter, then charlie crist. robert bennett could go down tomorrow and now sarah palin is taking some heat. and in one minute, some real facts about how the economy has created jobs under obama. what did we make better ? communities. industry. energy. her. this. lives. how ? by bringing together... information. ... people ... ... machines ... ... systems ... ideas... verizon helps businesses worldwide... including fortune 500 companies... find and achieve... better. better. better. better. you said you bought a digiorno. but the pizza came with cheesy breadsticks. new digiorno pizza & breadsticks.
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welcome back to "hardball." sarah palin is taking some heat for throwing her weight behind carly fiorina. in passing over tea party favorite chuck debore in california's big fight for the senate out there. here's what palin wrote on her facebook page. quote, carly has been endorsed by the national right to life, the california pro life council and the susan b. anthony. she's pro life, pro traditional marriage, pro military and pro strict border security and against amnesty. she's against obama care and will vote to repeal it and most importantly, carly is the only conservative in the race who can beat barbara boxer. that's no rino. that's a winner. chuck debore, as i just mentioned, one of the candidates running against carly fiorina. you were passed over by the governor of alaska. now, why would -- why is there
7:17 pm
this tempest in this tea party? why is she dividing the troops all of a sudden? >> once thing we learned yesterday when we saw governor palin endorse ms. fiorina is i have the heart and soul of the conservative party and carly fiorina has governor palin. >> why don't you have the leader? >> i think it's difficult to characterize who is the leader of what is essentially a decentralized movement that cares very deeply about our constitution and about all this debt we're heaping on our children. there is no self-appointed leaders. of the tea party movement. it's broad, it's varied, it's vast and it's very decentralized. >> let me ask you about this, one of the issues i've been watching as anybody who watches politics is concerned about, i'm kind of stunned. this is not the only issue out there. are you pro-life? >> yes, sir. >> is carly fiorina pro-life like you are? >> well, she says she is. she's a fairly --
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>> i don't care what you, what you say she says. i'm asking you -- is she like you? >> i have a track record and she doesn't. >> okay. again i'll try the question by you. this is sort of an interesting show where we ask a question and somebody has to answer it. is carly fiorina pro-life or not? >> again, she says she is. i have the record to prove it. there's a difference. >> why don't you give me a deference between the b.s. we get on this show sometimes and a truth teller. is your opponent -- i want you to explain your position. are you as pro-life as your opponent. >> we don't know, she's never had to vote on any of the issues. i'm a proven leader, she's an unknown quantity, it's as simple a that. >> is her lack of stature as a pro-lifer going to be an issue in your primary fight? your skepticism which you've just voiced about her position, will you make it an issue? >> well she, herself, made an issue last week. she told the "san francisco chronicle" editorial board that roe v. wade was settled law and we shouldn't be talking about this issue. so a certain degree, she's made
7:19 pm
it an issue on her own. >> what are you, her press secretary? i thought you were running against her. what is her position, sir, on life, which i know is important to you? do you trust -- let me phrase it this way, do you trust her as pro-life? will she fight roe v. wade if she gets in the senate? >> i believe she's had a battlefield conversion because she wants to win a primary. >> so you think it's cynical, not to be trusted? >> i think it's a political calculation, that's how you win primaries in california. >> let me ask you about the tea party. what is the most important issue to the tea party people these days? why should you be the candidate to run against barbara boxer in what's going to be a tough race? boxer has won a whole bunch of races out there. >> yes, she has. she's tough. >> how are you going to beat her as a tea partyist who is pro-life in a state that has only elected pro-choice people for years now. i can't remember the last pro-lifer to win in that state, can you? >> it's been a while, that's for sure. >> can you remember the last one? >> it would probably be s.i. hiakawa.
7:20 pm
i imagine. >> okay, great. >> quite a while ago. >> the man, i remember him well. that was a long time ago. that was 1976. long time ago. >> the two things i consistently hear from the folks -- >> that's 36 years ago, sir. >> there are a number of other issues as well. and of course what you're saying now counts both ways, in other words, if carly fiorina is pro life then this would presumably be a hindrance to her as much as it is to me. >> maybe she'll be lucky and people won't believe her any more than you do. maybe she'll win both ways, the pro-choicers will think she's on their side because she's just doing lip service. and she's really a corporate success. and she's a woman, perhaps, that might be the issue and you're out there saying you're a pro-lifer and they really believe you, so they won't vote for you. you could get hurt both ways here. >> going back to your question, what is it that the tea party folks are really focused on? >> right. >> i hear that debt above all else, and one of the reasons why i hear them as being more favorable toward me than toward
7:21 pm
carly fiorina is, again, i have a record of fighting against higher tax and for smaller government. i've actually put my reputation on the line. for example, last year california enacted the largest tax increase at u.s. history at the state level. i fought against that and i resigned as chief republican whip in protest of that tax increase vote then i fought against the ballot measure that would have extended that two years on may 19th. >> now you know what i don't believe about tea party people, what you believe. ronald reagan doubled the debt, the national debt. george w. bush doubled the national debt. and you guys didn't give a peep of complaint. you love those guys, you love george w., you loved ronald reagan and they doubled the national debt. each in their own turn. you never raised hell about it. obama comes in, three minutes he's in, and you're attacking him as a big spender when you haven't raised a sound before him. you're really not to be believed on this, are you? what's your credibility this going after republicans who double the national debt?
7:22 pm
>> i actually criticized president george w. bush for increasing government at a more rapid rate than any president since lyndon johnson. i was on the record, i criticized him. i criticized governor schwarzenegger for doing the same in the state of california. so i've got a bit of credibility on this issue. i stood up to my own party leadership. and i think that's what the tea party is focused on. and one of the reasons why this move by carly fiorina, this battlefield conversion to conservative is not so believable. because as chief economic adviser to john mccain in 2008, she backed john mccain's cap and trade light. she last night in our debate refused to take a position on amnesty and finally last night said she was opposed to amnesty. >> okay. got to go. >> good enough. >> please come back when we've got more time. running for the senate in california. joan walsh, this fight, tea party in a tempest right now. it looks to me they're not awe greeing sarah palin was the leader of the party about a
7:23 pm
minute ago. now she's causing division. >> yeah. well you know, she's done something that i think is fairly pragmatic. two things, chris. chuck devore with all due respect is not expected to win. and so she can only back so many losers. and then, you know, there's a little bit of mccain loyalty. fiorina was a surrogate for john mccain, though she served him terribly. one thing i remember about fiorina, said palin wasn't qualified to run a corporation and she had to take that back and say mccain wasn't. anyway. there's a little bit of that. there's a little bit if palin wants to run for president and i think she does, you know, it's good to get in with california republicans and california money. carly fiorina is much more tied into money. that's what she's about. sarah palin is sarah palin, not the tea parties. and you know, some of her followers are finding that out. she's getting shouted down on her own facebook page. which until now, has been a big club house for you know, sarah's friends. >> you know more than i know about this, joan. why are they all going to california? mitt romney has moved physically
7:24 pm
to california so he can win the california delegation in the big fight, the primary out there next time. she's out there basically staking a foothold with fiorina, hoping she can beat boxer and be like nixon was in '66 saying look, i built this person. i made this place. why is california becoming the ground zero of the fight between palin and mitt romney for the nomination next time? what's going on? >> because there's a lot of delegates. it's a big, big state. there's so much money here. people talk about hollywood money like it's democratic money. but there's hollywood money for republicans. there's development, investment bank money for republicans. people treat us like an atm. and it's not terribly surprising. there's also a lot of media. there are two, actually exciting races here with the governor's seat being opened. so. >> thank you. >> i think that's -- >> who wins by way, one-word answer, palin or mitt romney, the nomination next time? bet right now. >> i can't say neither. they're my only choices? >> okay, baby, you just said
7:25 pm
neither. thank you, joan walsh. think it's your heart talking. up next, stephen colbert tries to figure out the british election. we're all trying to figure that one out. stick around for the "sideshow." i thought it was simple over there. it ain't. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a new liquid gel. new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. yeah, this trip is way overdue. i just can't wait to see all those crunchy flakes in action. i hope i get a chance to put two scoops!™ of raisins in some boxes. you know what will really get us in the spirit? ♪ 99 boxes of raisin bran crunch ♪ ♪ if you're nice to me i'll share some with you ♪
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back to "hardball." time for the "sideshow." yesterday's british elections resulted in a hung parliament. meaning no party has a majority of seats. last night, my good friend, the "atlantic's" andrew sullivan trying to explain to stephen colbert how things are done across the pond. take a listen. >> the election only lasts about a month there. >> the formal. >> the formal election only lasts about a month. in america it takes that long for someone to form an exploratory committee to find out if they even want to run. >> yeah. >> how do you even get a good
7:29 pm
leader that way? >> you also don't have any television ads, by the way. >> what? >> they're banned. >> why do you raise hundreds of millio o


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